About Us

White Cedar Naturals

Founded by two visionaries who believed in the power of health and wellbeing, we are a company that is constantly looking into the future for new ways to bring wholesome, potent, and pure wellness products to the global community. We donate 10% of all our proceeds to charity in our efforts to help every individual gain access to high-quality nutritional food and supplements. In this way, we create a cycle of giving - leaving an impact on the environment, the planet, and the individuals who inhabit it.


As a family business, we started producing our unique hemp extract in small batches. Though times have changed, we continue to believe in the power of small when crafting our products. Each batch of hemp extract that we produce is carefully controlled for quality and purity. Our hemp is grown locally in the USA, following the process that Mother Nature set for us. On our farm in Colorado, the hemp plants mature in a natural and pristine environment, untainted by harsh chemicals or compounds. We are always sustainably sourced and never produce our products with genetically-modified ingredients or pesticides.


Our “cherry” strain hemp extract, with its subtle floral scent and calming personality, is considered one of the highest-quality strains available. Our hemp extract is always full-spectrum, meaning that it comes from all parts of the hemp plant, including the leaves, stalks, and flowers. This creates a synergistic effect that allows each of the cannabinoids in this miracle plant to exert its influence on the others, exponentially increasing the potency and effectiveness of the finished product.


At White Cedar, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality hemp products available. Our overarching goal is to further the wellness of our society and create opportunities for enhanced health and wellbeing. We put our heart and soul into finding ways to benefit the natural health community and hope that we give over that passion in the form of pure and potent products your entire family can enjoy.